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11 Smart Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Beginners

Nowadays, affiliate marketing websites are on the surge, and affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online legitimately.

As the name suggests, Affiliate marketing refers to the method of marketing in which a source, for example, a website or a blog, promotes or recommends other businesses’ products. That business organization, in return, offers commission to the source website, which is generally an agreed percentage of sales initiated due to the affiliate program through that blog/website. Top affiliate marketers notch up exorbitant annual incomes from $300 a day to more than $10,000 a day.

However, to become an affiliate, you should use smart affiliate marketing strategies and choose the best affiliate programs to start your side hustle and make money online legitimately.

If you are a beginner, then have a glimpse at some definitions related to Affiliated marketing:

  • Affiliates: they are the people who join the affiliate programs. They sell the products of different brands through their website or blogs.
  • Commission: the amount which the affiliate receives for conversion or click.
  • Affiliate program: the relationship in which the merchant or company pays you for putting up their link on your website.

Let us now glance at 11 smart Affiliate Marketing Strategies for beginners, which anyone can adopt to become an affiliate and boost their career in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies

1. Coupon Affiliate Marketing

Physical coupons have been the trendiest thing of all time. We all have had the curiosity to scratch and unveil the code in the coupons.

Talking about online coupons, they can yield prolific results if combined cautiously with the best affiliate programs. If your brand is highly competitive in the market, then coupons can be beneficial. However, if your company sells unique and differentiated products, offering coupons might affect your marginal revenue.

According to the data analytics department of CouponUpto, 50% of consumers consider the availability of coupons to decide on their final purchase decision. Coupon affiliate websites earn money by associating with brands and companies, promoting products, and driving traffic to their website.

2. Pay per click Affiliate Marketing

One of the best affiliate marketing strategies is using the PPC affiliate, marketing model. An advertiser or brand pays commission to the blogger or source site whenever someone clicks on their advertisement and visits their (advertiser’s) site. There are many pay-per-click affiliate programs through which you can earn money by doing almost nothing! A few to mention are:

  • Bidvertiser: Bidvertiser offers the affiliates an instant free setup to monetize everything from toolbars, websites, and mobile apps. With a very low payout limit of $10, you can withdraw your money through an online payments system like PayPal.
  • RevenueHits: This innovative platform help publishers to increase their revenue using targeted ad technology. You can earn a whopping amount by referring publishers to sign up for free on RevenueHits.
  • Taboola: You can sponsor the content or videos to promote Taboola across various media platforms.
  • Adsterra: It allows you to earn a lifetime commission of 5% of the revenue generated by the referrals you made.

3. Email Marketing

Through email marketing, you engage the customers who are already interested in your content, niche, blogs, or website. Instead of putting up ads on your blogs or website, you send your readers an email with affiliate links to a specific product or service.

However, your content ought to add some value to the lives of your readers or customers. The brands endorsed in your email will pay you a commission against purchasing the product or service via your affiliate links.

Email affiliate marketing programs should be more like sharing and talking to your readers. It must not look like typical endorsing or selling. The advertisement or the affiliated link should be relevant to your content; otherwise, you might lose your readers.

4. Webinar Affiliate Marketing

Webinars became the go-to mode to engage with others during the covid19 pandemic. This affiliate marketing niche attracts a large audience from business webinars to learning your favorite courses through webinars. Webinars can be live or pre-recorded. Remember to provide the utmost valuable content to your customers in a webinar and make the most out of it. Some hosts also offer recordings of the webinar. Many affiliate marketing websites partner with content creators to use their platforms and conduct webinars. Content creators earn a commission through this affiliation.

5. Social Media Affiliate Marketing

This type of affiliate marketing means sharing a product, link, or service through social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You must have come across fashion bloggers, social media influencers, critiques, and writers often putting up promotion links on their Instagram or Snapchat stories. Ever wondered why brands affiliate with them or vice versa? Of course, money is the prima facie; these bloggers have an established relationship with their audience, which provides whopping clicks on the link or advertisement if shared through their profiles.

6. Review Based Affiliated Marketing

Review-based marketing is a type of word-of-mouth marketing. About 88% of people believe in online reviews for something or the other, leading to online conversations via your review blog or article. If you have a well-established audience, you can review other brands/products on your blog or website and earn by review-based affiliate marketing websites. However, fake reviews might hamper your website’s reputation, and you may lose your credibility, so be genuine in reviewing the products and choosing the best affiliate programs to make money online.

7. Using Banners

Using banners in your blog or website can be an effective tool to promote the products and services of various affiliate programs. Many affiliate marketing websites use banners or images in between their articles or on the website’s side panel. Using such interactive banners of products, services, or brands gives you an additional option to place your affiliate link and increase the chance of a conversion. From hosting to products, services to exclusive offers, you can use banner affiliate marketing productively.

8. Utilize SEO

Optimizing your content is the key to make your affiliate marketing website rank higher on Google or other search engines. Using practical tools such as Google Keyword Planner, you can search for your niche’s most relevant product-related keywords. This will increase not only the organic traffic rates but also increase higher conversion chances. Using SEO for affiliate marketing is similar to affiliate programs on social media; both require an established relationship with your audience.

9. Work With The Right Affiliate Programs

Choose your affiliate network wisely. Work with the best affiliate programs to make money online legitimately. Do thorough research to connect with the best affiliate programs that offer valuable products or services to your target audience. To become an affiliate, find affiliates through an affiliate network with an established product for maximum conversions with minimum efforts.

Click here – Best Affiliate Programs for complete details on choosing the right affiliate network as a beginner.

10. Making The Best Use Of Content

If you haven’t heard about this term, then indeed, you are unaware of the brighter side of blogging. Content marketing drives the traffic to your site with enriched content to different market brands or services.

  • Do detailed research about your target audience. This will enable you to decide the products to market through your content.
  • Never promote something which you don’t know about. Never indulge in a fake promotion to sway the audience.
  • Provide value to your readers. Readers love a valuable resource. Irrelevant blogs that are off-niche won’t help increase traffic.

11. Promote High Ticket Products

These products may be expensive, from software to equipment and drones, but offer high value to customers. High ticket products might not earn you high income, but endorsing them should be on your to-do list as they provide value to customers. Verified testimonials on their site prove to be worth your time and space.

The Bottom Line

Affiliate marketing has emerged as one of the top methods to make money online legitimately.

To become an affiliate, choosing the best affiliate programs and creating proper affiliate marketing strategies is the key.

For beginners, choosing straightforward affiliate marketing methods via social media, reviews, blogs, etc., can be beneficial. Follow the strategy mentioned above to engage your audience, meet your goals, and enhance your income.

Here is a list of free tools that will be handy in your affiliate marketing journey.

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