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How To Choose A Niche For Your Blog In 2022: A Beginner’s Guide

Blogging is becoming a new trend for pursuing your passion as a writer or earning money by writing.

Blogging is an impressive tool to promote one’s brand and connect with customers. However, if you are a passionate blogger who wants to express your feelings with literature beauty or a professional blogger who wants to earn money by writing meaningful content, you have to find a suitable niche so that a large number of people visit your page to read your blogs.

If you perform a quick search on the web, you’ll find lots of niche ideas to choose from and start a blog for free.

But the question here is – What niche you should work on? How to choose a niche?

In this article, you’ll know all about micro niche ideas and how to choose a niche for your blog in 2022.

What is a Niche?

In simple terms, niche means the subject or genre of your blog.

You may write about thousands of topics, however, depending on your niche those topics must be related to each other and connected to one subject.

The subject or field you choose to write on is called niche in blogging.

It’s like the identity of your blog, the USP of your content.

Now there are many different niches like lifestyle, health care, fashion, home decoration, arts and crafts, entertainment, gaming, sports, and many more. All these niches are trending in the present times.

For lifestyle, you can write about how to lead a successful and happy life. In health care, you can write about how to take care of yourself by applying home remedies, and fashion niches include clothing and makeup choices with hairstyles and accessories. Entertainment includes movies, TV shows, web series, and many more. Gaming or sports are about popular mobile or PC games, reviews of players, and all. In-home decoration or art and craft, you need to write about making the “best from wastes” type of thing.

How to choose a Niche for your blog?

Deciding on which niche to work on sounds easy, but in practicality, this may be a bigger task than you would have imagined.

The reason being you just can’t pick up a subject and start writing. You may find that is not the best choice.

Don’t worry, in this article you’ll learn about how to select a niche in detail and some of the best blogging niches.

➡️ Think of your choices before determining the best niche for blogging,

First, think about some of the topics that you’re interested in or some of the things you like to read or write about.

Think about what you like to do in your spare time, your hobbies and plans, etc. If you love to cook, but you don’t have the time to join a cooking class, then you can write about your innovative recipes in your blog. Or simply about the ingredients, different categories like spicy or light, healthy or snacks, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, vegan, etc.

Furthermore, if you’re a tech-savvy person, you can write about the latest gadgets, upcoming technologies, or your project ideas. Many people these days are interested in this type of content.

The choices are endless depending on your likes and interest.

➡️ Concise your Niche

The next step is to narrow down your niche.

After you have chosen the niche, you may think this will work fine because it’s an interesting topic.

However, if you’re a beginner choosing a broad topic may hamper your blog’s success.

The solution to avoid getting lost in the competition is to work on a micro niche. By choosing micro niche ideas, you’ll have a variety within your niche.

You’ll be narrowing your niche and thus saving your new blog from high competition in the beginning.

For example, if you are writing a cooking blog, then you can categorize them as continental or gourmet dishes, etc.

If your niche can attract readers of different ages and gender, then that’s a plus point, especially in the initial years.

➡️ Determine the correct Keywords for your Niche

Keywords are a key factor in how to choose a niche for your blog.

Correct keywords are crucial for the success of any new blog or website. By choosing the correct keywords you’ll give your blog a boost in turn leading to a strong and established online presence.

To choose the correct keywords you should always keep the following factors in mind – user intent, keyword relevancy, and search volume.

For a beginner, an easy and simple method to search keywords is to use Google.

You can easily check the most searched keywords on google just by typing the phrases you think are mostly related to your niche on the Google search engine.

After searching, scroll down the pages, and you’ll see there’s a list of the related search result for your keywords. You can use them as keywords in your content to attract more visitors.

Furthermore, you can use tools like “keywords sheet” or “semrush” for efficient searching.

Now note down those keywords that have higher volume and start working on your content based on the selected keywords.

➡️ Analyze the Competition

You may find that the niche you have chosen has high volume with high competition and many bloggers use the same micro niche idea.

In such conditions, you can either choose to work on a different niche with a low competition or you can choose to continue with the same niche.

If you continue with a high-competition niche then a simple method to beat your competition is to stand out with your unique writing style or with your unique content.

This way you can easily get an edge over your competition.

Moreover, the other established bloggers in your niche may not be necessarily your rival. You can get a chance to collaborate with them. That will be a big opportunity to gain experience, and you can refine your niche later.

So do not lose motivation thinking about high competition in your niche. Take it as a challenge and see what others are doing and how you could do something unique within the same micro niche.

➡️ Find the competition against your niche.

Now, you have to find out how tough your competition will be for your blog.

Search in Google for the best blogs in your niche. If you find many blogs, then do not be afraid because more blogs mean more viewers and a high search volume. That means you’ll have a larger chance to find readers for your niche.

Now head over to social media pages like Twitter, and Facebook and search for content on your niche. See how many pages are there dedicated to your niche. See how followers react to the content. Go through the topics they write related to your niche. If you find many followers interested in the subject, you know you made a great choice and chose the correct micro niche idea for your blog.

➡️ Analyze the profitability of your niche.

Have you thought of starting a blog for free and making money online?

Some people start writing a blog to explore their passion for writing on certain aspects. But soon, they realize they can start a blog for free and make money. If you are one of them thinking, “what can I blog about to make money” then here I’m going to discuss that.

In the beginning, you may not earn a handful of money, but as you expand your creativity and gain experience, you will earn a fair amount. This depends mostly on the quality of your content and on the niche you are choosing.

If you can find lots of content everywhere, from social media platforms to magazines, that means your niche is capable of gaining profit.

In addition, when you search through your competition, you may see there are certain advertisements or product recommendations, or links to any online product mentioned. If you see any of these, that means they are getting paid for promoting certain products or services.

You can also use such methods to make profits using your blog once you get the necessary experience.

For you to be eligible to insert advertisements of any company or promote products of a brand, you need to gain enough reputation with your blog.

To learn more about starting a blog and making money online legitimately you can visit our Affiliate Marketing category for complete articles focused on the topic.


After going through the above article, you may now have an idea of how to choose a niche for your blog as a beginner.

Keep all the points in mind – consider the user intent, micro-niche, competition, search volume, and profitability of your topics. These points will help you to decide which niche you should work on.

Still, if you can’t decide in particular, then start with what you are most confident and interested in. Don’t be afraid as a beginner and think about right or wrong. You can always make changes as you gain experience.