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Best Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing In 2022

Are you struggling to find the perfect email marketing autoresponder that can help you with affiliate marketing?

Many marketing experts have openly spoken about how essential email lists are since email marketing is undoubtedly one of the best means to connect and communicate with your subscribers/customers.

This is why choosing the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing is crucial for your website or blog.

It is easy to locate an automated emailing service suitable for an eCommerce company, a blog platform, or small to medium-sized enterprises.

However, if you’re an affiliate marketing professional, it isn’t easy to find affiliate-friendly autoresponders.

I’m sure that you’ve previously taken the risk of joining a “popular” email marketing service. You may have sent out a few emails to your subscribers/customers.

My last three years of experience with affiliate marketing indicate that you are close to being blocked from using your email service. If you don’t, it’s likely to be happening sooner or later.

Whatever the case, it will cause you to be stranded. You could also lose your account.

It’s a terrible experience and trust me when I say that I will not allow this to happen to you.

In this article, I’ll discuss the top 5 autoresponders to use that are suitable for affiliate marketing websites which will help you choose the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing, and which marketing tools you should stay clear of using.

Autoresponders To Avoid For Affiliate Marketing

Before choosing any email marketing autoresponder, let’s first check out which ones not to choose.

I’ll make it clear to you. When I first started out in affiliate marketing, I’ve chosen to use an email marketing service that doesn’t offer any services to affiliates.

The result was I was banned.

After having experienced this lesson on my own I’ve learned that certain companies are not appropriate to promote affiliate marketing.

  • Mailchimp

Mailchimp is among the most well-known and popular email marketing platforms, but it’s not an affiliate-friendly platform that you could ever use to promote affiliate-related products. It’s certainly a widely popular email marketing tool, however, they’re not happy working with affiliate marketers.

In one of the articles, they say,

“Affiliate marketing as an industry is prohibited under our Terms of Use.”

Click here to check out the complete article.

Additionally, they state that it is possible to use affiliate hyperlinks within your email messages. On the contrary, they do not approve of affiliate marketing-related content.

It’s therefore not advised to use Mailchimp for affiliate marketing.

Therefore, it’s not recommended to utilize Mailchimp to promote affiliate marketing.

  • MailerLite

MailerLite is one of the best autoresponders I’ve come across. It’s not only free, but the features it has to offer are also unparalleled.

But, my hopes were crushed when they barred the account I had created from sending emails campaigns.

It’s not intended to support affiliate-based businesses.

Find out other excellent email marketing software and alternative to MailerLite for eCommerce, businesses, blogs, or an agency for marketing.

  • Constant Contact

Another top autoresponder, which I believed could be ideal for supporting the affiliate strategies I use. However, I was wrong..!!

Many affiliate marketers have stated just the opposite.

Constant Contact is a good choice for eCommerce businesses.

So, Constant Contact may not be the most effective autoresponder to send emails for your affiliate work.

  • Sendinblue

Sendinblue is my favorite email marketing provider, to be honest. But, I would not use it for affiliate email campaigns.

Because I’m aware of the strict Sendinblue guidelines regarding affiliate marketing My account isn’t blocked. I use it only to send regular emails to my readers about new blog articles.

I recommend you not to utilize Sendinblue to promote affiliate products.

Points To Consider Before Selecting The Best Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing

From my experience with affiliate marketing and marketing in general, I’ve applied the same methods when deciding on the most efficient software to market affiliates via email.

Additionally, I’ve provided advice to several people using the same procedure. They all use the same procedure without any issues.

The primary aspect you should be seeking in an autoresponder service is among the most essential.

  • Free Trial Period

It’s a mistake to purchase the product or service without evaluating it. The same is true for autoresponders.

The great news is that the majority of email marketing software used by affiliate marketers that are listed below provides an extensive trial period at no cost. The trial period lets you try out the features and capabilities of the software.

  • Try Out The Features

As I’ve said before that the trial time is the best method of testing the email marketing software. In the trial period, I’d suggest you try out the features that you’ll likely employ the most.

They could include one or more of these examples: automation mail design, mass mailing drip campaigns, and much more.

If you’re happy and confident that the functions are easy to use, you’re able to move on to the next step.

  • High Email Deliverability

Fundamentally, the primary element in an email marketing service is email delivery.

What benefit can bulk emailing do if it fails to deliver your emails?

Your emails are your only way to generate sales. It is essential to test the effectiveness of your emails with the different autoresponders you employ to market affiliate products.

I can assure you that, if you aren’t cautious regarding this you won’t be able to grow your affiliate marketing company effectively.

  • Affordable Subscription Plans

When you’re convinced and satisfied with the features, functions, and delivery rates of the autoresponder suitable for your affiliate website or other marketing strategies, you must look into the pricing plans.

Be assured that all autoresponders that are listed here have either free plans (with limited features) or significantly lower pricing plans.

Best Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing

Once you’ve figured out what you should look for to choose the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing and which ones to steer clear of, it’s time to look into the top options you can pick from.

  • GetResponse
email marketing software

GetResponse is the most effective automated marketing autoresponder I would ever suggest to you (#1 Recommendation). I’ve observed a lot of people making use of GetResponse to run their affiliate marketing businesses. It is a great option.

If we look at GetResponse in detail It has evolved from a simple email marketing platform to a full-blown marketing tool for all kinds of companies. In addition to email marketing capabilities, you can use it for a variety of other benefits in marketing.

For instance, in addition to the email-based marketing option, you could also design marketing funnels and landing pages, lead capture forms, and so on.

Did I mention that you can engage in multichannel marketing strategies to promote affiliate marketing campaigns?

Yes, with GetResponse, not just do you have marketing via email, but also other features for marketing like advertising on social networks, push notification, and much more.

Every package for internet marketers starts with up to 1,000 customers and further subscribers being offered at higher prices. Custom pricing is also available to professionals who want to access all the features the platform provides.

• Many options and tools for automation and features
• Excellent webinar features
• Great ability to categorize
• Comprehensive and affordable basic packages
• Split testing features are available
• Good customer support
• Features for designing emails can be challenging to utilize
• Form pop-ups can be a hassle
• Only the most expensive packages include DKIM authentication
• Phone support unavailable

  • Aweber
best autoresponder for affiliate marketing

Aweber is one of the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing for affiliate blogs, websites, and businesses that I have come across.

With its impressive email delivery percentage, this email marketing autoresponder is undoubtedly one of the top choices for affiliate marketing, beginners and pros alike.

Furthermore, there are regular updates for efficiency enhancement.

One feature that puts Aweber ahead of its competitors is that this email marketing software offers the option of moving email accounts, along with all the settings – subscribers, landings pages, etc. from other email service providers at no cost.

In addition to this, users can now create web-based push notifications and continue to generate prospects for your affiliate business.

Paid subscriptions with all features begin at $16.15/month that allows 500 users. On the other side of the spectrum is the $149/month plan, accommodating up to 250,000 subscribers.

• Simple user interface
• Responsive email templates
• Analytical reports are available
• Reasonable pricing
• Good customer support
• Poor RSS features
• Templates with dated graphics
• Limited functionality as compared
to the competition
• There aren’t as many features
as the other email marketing platforms

  • Sendlane
best autoresponder for affiliate marketing

Sendlane is a well-known email marketing autoresponder designed specifically for eCommerce. However, Sendlane isn’t just a simple email marketing software for eCommerce, but also an affiliate-friendly tool worthy of mentioning in this list.

When you look at features offered by Sendlane, they would be a great fit if you have an affiliate eCommerce website.

This email marketing autoresponder will help your affiliate setup grow by increasing conversions with wide features that are available.

There’s also a Starter package, which costs less each month than the growth plan. But, it will have to be paid in an all-in-one payment of $497 for six months.

• The website was designed with the idea of internet marketing in mind
• Features let you focus on specific groups
• Analytical reports with depth available
• Automation of workflow
• Integrates web forms into emails and LPs
• Limited features as compared to other email marketing platforms
• Limited customization options for landing page
• The most basic of packages will go beyond the price budget of a lot of beginners

  • EmailOctopus
best autoresponder for affiliate marketing

EmailOctopus is a gem of an email marketing automation software that hasn’t yet been given the attention it merits. It is among the most affordable and effective email marketing tools to help affiliate marketers. In contrast to many email marketing software providers that turn a blind eye to advertising through affiliate marketing EmailOctopus is proud to welcome all affiliates to use their services.

EmailOctopus is a powerful and affordable online marketing platform that lets you create and manage customized mailings, and launch campaigns with segmentation and automation tools. With a comprehensive feature set, EmailOctopus is quite affordable and is the ideal choice for small businesses as well as bloggers who want to reach more readers and grow their mailing list.

The primary benefit is the simplicity that was originally built into EmailOctopus. There are numerous options for integrations, where you can all find functions that can be customized in accordance with their needs.

• An affordable price
• Great customer service
• Responsive to different devices
• Simple Interface
• No landing page builder
• Limited Segmentation
• Direct integration is not possible

  • SendX
best autoresponder for affiliate marketing

SendX is an affiliate-friendly autoresponder. Their team promises not to prevent you from doing affiliate marketing.

With a “No Bans” section on the website, the Send X team promises the users not to prevent them from using the email marketing service for affiliate marketing.

This email marketing software offers numerous features that help you extend your affiliate marketing reach and business.

This is the only email marketing autoresponder mentioned in this list that hasn’t put any monthly limit on sending emails.

Moreover, the user-friendly method of email creation, scheduling delivery, and performance monitoring allow beginners the ease-of-use.

• It’s one of the lowest rates email marketing software in the market
• It is an excellent tool for segmentation and tagging capabilities,
as well as automatization
• Fantastic customer service
• Delivers targeted and intelligent email delivery and push notifications
• It doesn’t incorporate sales funnels
• No CRM

What’s The Next Step?

After looking into the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing, I’m sure you will be able to select the one that best suits your requirement.

If not, all autoresponders that are designed for affiliate marketing provide free trial time. Sign-up with them and then take their services to test.

Once you’re happy, you can sign-up for the autoresponder that is perfect for you.

If you’d like any further assistance in this regard, please do not hesitate to comment below.