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Best Niche for Affiliate Marketing Success

What are the best niche for affiliate marketing?

Yes, it’s true some niches are much better than others when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing and your choice of a niche to enter has a bigger impact on your profit potential than almost anything else you do in the course of building an affiliate marketing business.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the five best kinds of niches for affiliate marketing. So you can pick one that suits you and get started.

The main thing we do as affiliate marketers is to create content. However, if you can’t create good valuable content in that niche and create it consistently you won’t make any money, be it the best niche for affiliate marketing in the world.

And it’s pretty hard to create good content consistently on a topic you have no interest in. Even if you outsource all the content to writers who are interested in this niche you still have to do the research, you still have to create the briefs for the content, you still have to be able to spot opportunities in the market, you still have to find some way to be unique to that group of people.

For example:

You might have seen other experts list certain specific markets like golf or insurance or finance and say these are the best markets for affiliate marketing.

The truth is golf might be a great niche for affiliate marketing, but if you don’t play golf what are the chances you’re going to do all of that work for months on end and do it well enough to be better than your competitors and be successful.

In my experience, the chances are pretty low.

Do you want to know the absolute best niche for affiliate marketing for you?

It’s the niche where something you’re knowledgeable in or skillful at or passionate about intersects with a market that’s commercially viable and since I don’t need to tell you what you’re already skillful and knowledgeable and passionate about.

Now, coming back to our topic the five main elements that make a niche market commercially viable for affiliate marketing.

Are you ready? Here goes.

Number One

The best niche for affiliate marketing is a niche where lots of products need to be bought by the same person. The more expensive those products, the better the niche.

As an example, think of two niche markets skateboarding and cycling. If someone’s getting into skateboarding they have to buy the board which has four main parts and that’s it. Maybe they buy some skate videos or shoes, but there’s not much more.

If someone is getting into cycling on the other hand, not only do they need the bike which costs so much more than a skateboard, but there are so many more individual parts to a bike. You need the shoes and the helmet, and maybe some lights, and maybe a lock.

There’s so much more stuff that you need, there’s more stuff and it’s more expensive.

For that reason, cycling makes a better niche for affiliate marketing than skateboarding.

What you don’t want as an affiliate marketer is to hit a dead end on the number of products. Each product that people in your niche might buy is an opportunity for affiliate revenue.

So the more expensive products there are the better the niches.

Number Two

The second best niche for affiliate marketing is a timeless niche. What you don’t want as an affiliate marketer is to invest time and money in a site that’s in a trendy niche at present, even if it makes money; ends up coming to nothing after a year or two.

For an example, rather than starting a website on the paleo diet which may or may not still be popular in a few years, I’d prefer to start an affiliate site on the topic of weight loss or muscle building or eating to minimize the risk of disease because those are pretty timeless human desires that will still be around whatever happens to the paleo diet.

The best situation for your affiliate site is one where you can take advantage of big trends without being dependent on those trends for your revenue. If or when that popularity dies all the rest of the website’s content will still be there to make money.

Number Three

The next best niche for affiliate marketing is a niche with just the right breadth. Choose a niche that has multiple branches or sub-branches. For example, think about frying pans. Frying pans are a good product to sell for affiliates. There are lots of them to review and compare and they can get pretty expensive. So you should start an affiliate site on frying pans, right.

So would it be better to go abroad and to start an affiliate site on cooking? That way you could cover frying pans, but also knives, and slow cookers, and ice cream makers, right.

The question is one of the trickier ones for new affiliates to answer. That’s partly because there is no perfect answer. Both of these examples described above could be pretty successful.

The risk for the first site is that it hits an income ceiling where there are just no more frying pans to write about and the risk for the second side is that it ends up everything to everyone and so nothing to anyone. It can be too broad and too generic without enough expertise or depth in any one area to build credibility and gain traction.

There’s a better way to think about this question and it’s somewhere between those two extremes.

The best bet for affiliate marketers is to decide that you’re going to serve a specific group of people and to cover everything that’s interesting and exciting to them. Those are cool frameworks to build an affiliate site around rather than just thinking about individual products.

If it’s the pleasure angle you could focus on doing baking and frying and ice cream making if it’s the health angle you might do grilling or dehydrating or blending. Both of these angles leaves you with a huge number of products to promote and a high ceiling without having to be boring or generic.

More than that both of those angles are about passion. They allow you to write with emotion and develop a unique voice that your audience can connect with and come to love.

Number Four

The fourth best niche for affiliate marketing is a niche with development potential. Affiliate marketing is of course just one way to monetize a website. The best kind of niches are the ones that have the potential to expand into other forms of monetization besides affiliate marketing.

As the business grows, lots of great websites do affiliate marketing and also run advertising or sell their own products. And it’s that selling your products that you want to leave the door open for when you’re starting your affiliate site.

Selling your products is generally the business model with the highest amount of leverage and the highest potential, but it has higher costs and so it’s the best business model to start with.

So what you should do is pick niches where you can easily imagine products that you might be able to develop and sell to that same audience even if it’s not until years down the line. Don’t worry, if you don’t know yet how you could make a product or you don’t know what kind of product it would be it’s only important that you can easily imagine some product that suits that audience that you could sell.

Here’s an example

Say you start a site on acne. There’s plenty to write about, there’s plenty of questions to answer, and plenty of acne products to sell as an affiliate, but what’s the development potential. You probably won’t be able to or be wanting to develop an acne treatment of your own and all of the how-to kind of information you’ll probably be covering in content on your site.

The development potential there is pretty limited but aside on skincare even if it’s just facial skincare would have the same high number of products to promote as an affiliate. But with more options for simple products, you could develop on your own say brushes or makeup removers as well as info kinds of products around makeup or aging or something else.

So a niche is better the more potential you can imagine for development into selling your products.

Number Five

Okay, so the last of all.

The best kind of niche for affiliate marketing is a niche with a problem to solve a question. It can be a big advantage to start your affiliate site in a niche wherein at least some of its little corners people have an urgent problem to solve.

That kind of content can get high conversion rates making you good money for a small amount of traffic which can help in the early stages of starting a new site. I don’t recommend starting a site just on one urgent problem. If you pick a niche where that could form part of your content and strategy you’ll be better off.

That’s it. Those are the five best niche for affiliate marketing.

Remember there’s no best niche, only the best niche for you. Use these criteria to find a market that lines up nicely with a personal interest or passion of yours and you’ll be on track to profit.

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