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BlueHost Review: Is This Web Hosting Company Worth Signing Up For In 2021?

BlueHost is one of the largest and oldest web hosting companies that hosts more than 2 million domains.

Established in 2003, this company has evolved to become one of the largest brand names for website hosting and one of the best web hosting for WordPress.

Bluehost has a wide array of hosting services to offer, including shared, VPS, WooCoomerce, dedicated and more.

BlueHost claims to build and grow the website without breaking a sweat, and we are here to review its claim by providing you with an honest and in-depth review for the same.

In this BlueHost Review, we will evaluate this platform in terms of performance, shed some light on the BlueHost hosting plans, whether it is the right choice for beginners, and the pros and cons of choosing this platform.

So let’s check out what BlueHost has to offer.


A good performance makes a big difference for the website, especially in search rankings.

If the loading speed of your site is not correct, then it is not a very good indication in the direction of your site’s health.

A slow page speed increases the bounce rate, and it gets worse with a long page loading time.

With BlueHost, you won’t have to worry about page loading speed. Our tests showed a 688 ms average speed for a website hosted on BlueHost. This isn’t the quickest in the market, however, it isn’t bad either.

Furthermore, BlueHost provides 99.96% Uptime, easily surpassing many of the competitors. High uptime like this ensures that your website or blog will never face the problem of server downtime.

Easy To use

The hosting interface of Bluehost is user-friendly and easy to understand for everyone. Whatever CMS you want can easily be installed through the user-friendly customer portal with the 1-Click installation Feature.

Its cPanel (control panel) is very easy to use.

You can also use Bluehost’s Website Builder to design a website with easy drag & drop elements. You can create your customized templates using the website builder.

Along with this BlueHost also has lots of features for advanced users.

What does Bluehost offer?

BlueHost has a range of services that it has to offer. We had a closer look at their catalog, and since it is everything related to hosting, it could get confusing at times, especially for beginners. Hence in our BlueHost Review, we have curated a simple list of its services:

  • Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is an excellent option if you are just getting started with your website or if you are looking for a cheaper option within your budget. As the name suggests, in shared hosting, you share a given server’s resources with multiple users, which helps reduce the cost.

However, shared hosting has its downside as you do not get a significant allocation of resources to support your website, making it unsuitable for more substantial or busier sites. BlueHost shared hosting plans have got everything you need to get a website online.

  • WordPress Hosting

As we mentioned earlier, BlueHost is the best web hosting for WordPress, and in our BlueHost review, we will be evaluating this claim. There are specialty plans that are targeted towards WordPress users namely WP Pro and managed WordPress hosting.

BlueHost WordPress hosting plans will help you expand your website while maintaining scalability and efficiency.

  • VPS Hosting

This is a good option for those who have outgrown shared hosting and need more performance or control over their hosting environment.

  • Dedicated Hosting

It is a great option for websites that receive tens of thousands of visits each day. BlueHost offers rapid provisioning; hence your server will be ready within 24-72 hours after finalizing your purchase. The users get full access to their server, configuring it without affecting any other user.

  • Reseller Hosting

BlueHost does not offer reseller hosting plans of its own, but it has partnered with Reseller Club to provide these services.

BlueHost – Pros and Cons

Just like the two sides of the coin, every platform has its own set of pros and cons. As we promised an honest and in-depth BlueHost Review, here is our take on this aspect of BlueHost:


  • Budget-friendly web hosting plans, however, their renewal rates are comparatively high.
  • Solid uptime; however, they do not provide SLA that guarantees a minimum uptime.
  • Best web hosting for WordPress, as WordPress officially endorses it.
  • Generous money-back guarantee by offering a 30-day full refund policy
  • Top-of-the-line security features including SSH, password-protected directories, IP address blacklist, email account, user account filters, and more.
  • Provides 24/7 technical support and has a knowledge database where users can view the videos, review support documentation, and more.
  • BlueHost is among one of the most sought-after web hosting affiliate programs.
  • Quick start plans, for those who do not know where to begin with, have features such as cPanel guided tour, site builder recommendations, theme, plugin installation, etc.
  • Free Domain for the first year as a part of the hosting package.


  • Constant upsells, their system is packed with continuous upsell pitches, which can get annoying.
  • No free automatic backups. Furthermore, any data backed up within the past 30 days is overwritten.
  • Their plans boast of unlimited offers regarding the number of websites, storage, email accounts, etc. However, some of these features are only unlimited to a certain extent.
  • They offer no windows hosting as they offer only Linux-based servers.
  • Although they have 24/7 technical customer support, their response time is slow, and they may be accessed easily. Their customer service time usually varies from ten minutes to an hour.
  • Expensive renewal rates.
  • Free site migration is not included as a part of the hosting plans.

Is BlueHost Good for beginners?

If you are venturing into an online business for the first time, you must learn about web hosting plans. A good web hosting plan will help you in building your website easily if you are a beginner.

Our Bluehost review evaluated the catalog of the platform and found it to be one of the best web hosting platforms for all users, and especially for beginners. With the help of BlueHost web hosting, any beginner can create their website or blog. You do not need much technical knowledge while using the services of BlueHost. Through its excellent supportive features and support services, you can create a blog, business website, or any other site you want quite easily. Here are some reason why we think BlueHost is a good choice for beginners –

  • Fast loading time and better uptime.
  • No technical knowledge is required to operate the BlueHost dashboard; hence it is user-friendly.
  • Provides safety and security features
  • BlueHost interface is beginner-friendly 
  • Offers free domain services with its 1-year hosting plans
  • Affordable web hosting plans 


In this Bluehost Review, we found that hosting your site with Bluehost will be the right decision. Bluehost is a Recommended Web Hosting Company for everyone. WordPress also recommends using BlueHost web hosting services. according to Support, Affordable, Reliable, User Friendly. strong>. You can proceed with Bluehost without any trouble.

With 24/7 Expert Customer Care Support, Security Options, Money Back Guarantee, Fast Loading Speed ​​, and 99.99 Uptime, BlueHost is recommended to all.

While we come to the end of our BlueHost Review, we hope that our coverage has given you insights about this platform to let you make an informed decision. Feel free to leave your comments below if we have missed anything that you would like to add to this BlueHost Review.

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